Cookie information

Cookies are small text files containing a unique identifier that are stored on your computer or mobile device so that the User’s device will be recognized when the User visits a particular website or uses an application. Cookies can only be used for the duration of a visit to a particular site or to measure how the User uses the service and content from time to time. Cookies help to display important features and functionality used on the website (hereinafter the Website).

During the User’s visit to the Website, data relating to the visit, the domain name of the website from which the User was redirected to the Website, the search engine, the type of operating system, the IP address, the User’s ID, and other information transmitted by the http protocol may be automatically collected. 

The cookie files used on the Website are not harmful to the User or to the computer/end device used by the User, therefore we recommend that you do not disable their processing in your browsers. 

Cookie files used on the Website:

cookie name cookie function cookie validity collected data
PHPSESSID, functional cookie Session tracking From loading the page to the end of the browsing process Browser settings
cookie_notice_accepted, Cookie law accept 3 days Have the cookies used on this site been accepted? (true / false)
wfwaf-authcookie Session tracking 0,5 day Browser settings
wordpress_logged_in Login tracking From loading the page to the end of the browsing process Whether the user is logged in to the page

The User can modify the way cookies are used through the browser, including blocking or deleting those originating from the Website (and other Internet portals). To this end, the browser settings must be modified. The deletion method varies depending on the browser used. Information on how to remove cookie files can be found on the “Help” page of the browser you have selected.

For more information on cookie files, please see the main browser pages below:

  • Google Chrome
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer
  • Opera
  • Apple Safari

For detailed information on how to manage cookie files on your mobile phone or other mobile device, please refer to the User Manual/User Guide for your specific handset or mobile device.

Restricting the use of cookie files on a particular device may make it impossible or very difficult to use the Website properly, for example, it may make it impossible to maintain a login period.

As the Website does not use cookies that require the User’s consent, the User is only informed of the use of cookies.